About us

D.O.O. MAIV is a family-owned company established in 1992 and it is engaged in buying up, freezing, processing and delivery of fruits and vegetables. The production capacity is 700 tonnes. We process 1200 tonnes of various fruits per year. We purchase our products in the mountainous areas, and the company itself is located in the village of Mirosevce near Leskovac so that the entire process from purchase through receipt and processing to delivery is carried out in ecologically clean environment.

Producing food is a very important and extremely responsible job. At MAIV, we are committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality goods and in the most optimal conditions, thus meeting their requirements and expectations, as well as the requirements of normative documents referring to the quality and safety of products and reducing the impact on the environment. We want to constantly improve our market position by producing quality and healthy products.